J066 Telephone Message Rubber Stamps

【micia】 J066
Sad office bunny eats a sandwich in the morning,
Start a busy day and write down to-do items,
Endless phone calls, eating a piece of pudding in the afternoon,
End this fulfilling day

Product Description


P453 Office Bunny Engraved Seal-7 pieces

E481 I just want to be with you - English text 2.5x5cm
E482 Postmark Wavy Seal-2.5x5cm
F684 bird wax seal-3.5x5cm
I351 pudding message stamp-6.4x7cm
I352 Sandwich Message Stamp - 6.4x7cm
J066 Telephone Message Stamp-6.4x8.5cm
K141 To-Do Stamp-6.4x10cm