K139 Goldfish Wind Chime Colored Rubber Stamps

【micia】 K139
The soft breeze slowly blew the cat wind chime,
The swinging goldfish slowly struck the glass bell,
Whenever the cherry blossoms fall, the God of Spring dyes the sky pink, and thanksgiving welcomes the arrival of all things.
K139 金魚風鈴-祈願風鈴彩色楓木印章

Product Description


P452 Prayer Wind Chime Colored Maple Wood Seal-5 pieces

D082 Thank you for signing - 2x3.8 cm
F683 Japanese style flowers and birds background-3.8x4.2 cm
H386 Cat please drink tea-5.1x7.1 cm
K139 Goldfish Wind Chime - 6.4x10 cm
K140 Cat Wind Chime-6.4x10 cm